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At Great Valley Nutrition, our mission is to bring good nutrition to community members and to provide the valuable service of informing people about the importance of good nutrition and regular exercise to achieve optimum health. Our goal is to fill the gap between the desire and the action, giving members the tools to help those that want to make a change for a healthier lifestyle. Providing solutions, motivation, education and a friendly atmosphere where they feel valued and supported with like minded individuals.

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Our Health Coaches can provide you with a complete Body Analysis and help you personalize a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle.

Weight loss Weight gain
Increasing energy Improving circulation Enhances body
Gain better sleep Increasing mentally focus

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Since nutrition is the key to good health, our focus is on helping you build a strong nutritional foundation. Your Health Coach will make nutritional recommendations and educate you so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and eventually teach others to do the same.

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Achieve your fitness goals
There is no question that exercise contributes to improved overall health. Whether it's weightlifting, walking, jogging, circuit or cardio-interval training, it is scientifically proven that exercise a critical component to fat loss, muscle development and increased energy. Your personal Health Coach will work with you to recommend specific exercises that fit your lifestyle so you can truly live FIT.

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